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The Kingdom of Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 islands located in the heart of the Arabian Gulf. Bahrain is an Arabic word which literally means two seas. The reason behind its naming is that it contains two sources of water; sweet water from its pure springs, and salty water from the surrounding seas. The other reason is due to the existence of the North and South waters of the gulf, which separate Bahrain from the Iranian and Arabic coast.

Bahrain has grown substantially in the past 10 years. During the beginnings of the millennium, Bahrain realized that its oil reserves are diminishing, and are no longer a dependable source for the countries' income. Therefore, finding a new source for Bahrain to keep growing was ultimately necessary. Since then, Bahrain channeled its efforts into diversifying its economy through being open to new businesses, and starting up new promising developments and projects.


Bahrain has a decent bus service, which links most of the major towns with Manama and Muharraq. Also, renting a car is another way of getting around and getting into more specific areas, but you'll need an International Driving Permit. To make things easier, taxis are frequently found driving around the streets. They are also found in all malls and souk stops.


The best time to visit Bahrain is during November through April. Although it can get quiet cool in January and February, the cold is not oppressive. Nevertheless, between November and December, the weather is free from heat haze yet sunny, and with a cool breeze. Rain on the other hand is not very frequent. However when it does rain, it's usually in winter.

Capital: Manama

Time Zone: GMT +3

Area Code: +(973)


Bahrain uses Bahraini Dinars "BD" or "BHD", which is almost equivalent to 2.66 US Dollars.

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