Definition of Quran
Quran is the word of Allah (kalamu Allah) as revealed to his prophet Mohammad (PBUH), transferred to us through narration chains known as “Tawator” on seven ahruf, written between the covers of Holly Book, protected by Allah between the lines, recited as a form of worship, miraculous in its words and meanings, and challenging with its shortest Sura.

The entire Quran with its verses, suras and words is the actual words of the Almighty Allah, and not the speech of any one of mankind, jinn or angels. The Angel of revelation - Gabriel or Jibril (PBUH), only heard it from Allah and descended with the Qur'an to the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (PBUH).

Allah the Almighty Says: “Say the Holy Spirit has brought the revelation from thy Lord in truth, in order to strengthen those who believe and as a Guide and Glad Tidings to Muslims”, [Sura Al- Nahl, verse 102].

The Islamic Ummah is particularly privileged by memorizing Quran by heart, unlike other revelations. Allah the Almighty Says: “Verily this is a Revelation from the Lord of the Worlds: (192) With it came down the Spirit of Faith and Truth - (193) To thy heart and mind, that thou mayest admonish (194) In the perspicuous Arabic tongue”, [Sura Al- Shuara, verses 192-194].

Allah (SWT) challenged mankind and jinn-kind to produce the like of this Quran, or part of it, but they failed to imitate the miracle although the antagonists of the Quran were well-known for oral poetry and excelled in eloquence and literary powers.

Quran is distinct from the poetry or rhymes of Arabs, though composed of the very letters and words of their language. Neither their eloquence, nor their wisdom could come up with any creation similar to the shortest Surah. Mastery of poetry and literary styles were helpless with the superiority of the Quran – the word of Allah - yet one of his attributes. As there is nothing, whatsoever, like Him; nothing like His attributes such as the Hearer and the All-seer, and nothing is like His word.

Holy Quran