Indonesian Officials lauded Bahrain’s Quranic efforts


Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain: Senior officials in the Republic of Indonesia lauded the blessed efforts of the government of the kingdom of Bahrain in serving and disseminating the Holy Book in various regions across the Islamic world. The statements were made on the sidelines of an official visit to Indonesia by a delegation, representing the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs, Endowments, pointing out that the kingdom’s proven achievement record in Quranic efforts, and His Majesty the King royal care for the Holy Quran and Islamic matters reflect the high level of attention in this regard.

The visit of was part of efforts that aim at promoting the Global Reciter – the Biggest International Web-based Competition for Holy Quran Recitation - which is privileged with the patronage of His Royal Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and attracted a large number of participants from various parts of the world.

The delegation, led by Shaikh Abdulla bin Qahtan Al-Omari, Quran Affairs Director, met the director of Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta (the State Mosque) Dr. Hajji Mabrouk, took a tour of facilities and Dawa activities of the mosque and discussed the management role in introducing the Global Reciter to all visitors and learners. The delegation also visited the boarding school attached to the Mosque, where they met the principal of the school. The tour highlighted the important role of the educational institutions in enhancing the Quranic teaching among youngsters and the importance of their mission of such institutions and particularly emphasized the role boarding schools in supporting the educational process, spreading Islamic culture and ethical values among the learners.

Notably, the supervisory management of Istiqlal Mosque took the initiative to publicize the Global Reciter on all internal and external TV screens of the mosque, and affixed the completion’s posters to the walls in all divisions and spaces, in addition to promoting  the competition after Jumma prayers, distributing related flyers and leaflets, and providing answers to public inquiries.

The Bahraini delegation also visited Nour Al-Furqan boarding school in Bogor governorate where they held a meeting with the principal of the school and presented a visual display of the completion, its website and method of participation. The Bahraini side expressed their pride in the school’s efforts in inspiring the students and staff with the Quranic values and noble Islamic ethics.

The tour was concluded by a visit to Beit Al-Quran of the Religious Affairs Ministry, which is responsible for reviewing and printing the Holy Quran and other Quranic, research and studies. The delegation, accompanied by Dr. Hajji Mohammad Hanafi, Bayt al Qur’an Director, took a tour of the efforts and mechanisms of Bayt al Qur’an in reviewing, printing the Holy Quran, in addition to visiting Museum Istiqilal and viewed copies of the Quran and the way of maintaining manuscripts and Quran volumes.

It is worth mentioning that the first stage of the Global Reciter was launched on the first of last September, and the honoring ceremony will be in April 2016.