Bangladesh Officials Praise Bahrain’s Efforts in Quranic Field


Government Officials in the Republic of Bangladesh applauded the blessed efforts of the Kingdom of Bahrain in serving the Holy Quran; printing and publishing it throughout the Islamic world, pointing out that Bahrain efforts in the Quranic field has gained record achievements, which reflects high attention of H.M the King to Islam issues, namely care to the Holy Qur'an.

This recognition was made during the reception of a Bahraini delegation to Bangladesh, headed by Shaikh Abdullah Qahtan Omari, Director of Quran Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments. The delegation visit comes as part of the ministry efforts to promote the International website-based competition for Holy Quran recitation "Global Reciter".

Remarkably, the competition is honored by the royal patronage of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, king of Bahrain, which has so far received high volume of participation from all over the world.

The delegates visited Umma International school for Holy Quran memorization where they watched a film about the school profile and graduated memorizers. Afterward, the Bahraini side presented the idea of Global Reciter and the mechanism of participation, in addition to disseminating promotional collateral in the school.  The tour also extended to include visiting classes of Quran, the girls’ branch where delegates acquainted with the teaching and graduation experience, and the school branch which is devoted for teachers’ training and development of teaching skills. During the tour, Shaikh Al-Omari  delivered thoughtful guidance for the Holy Quran teachers and the most important issues to be taken into account in the teaching process.

The Bahraini delegation also visited Quran Training Center for Teachers, which is attached to the Holy Quran Institute, where they met the director of the center and the general director of the Islamic Foundation. Shaikh Mohammed Abdul-Halim, representative of the Islamic Foundation, presented the center experience in training teachers and the adopted curriculum. In turn, Shaikh Al-Omari delivered a presentation about Global Reciter the mechanism of participation in the competition, followed by distribution of advertising materials at the center.

Additionally, the delegates toured the Religious Affairs facilities and the printing press where they viewed the process of printing the Holy Book. They also briefed Imams, preachers and teachers of Holy Qur'an about the idea of Global Reciter and the mechanism of participation.

In conclusion, the Religious Affairs of Ministry of Religious Affairs organized a large gathering under the patronage of Bangladesh Minister of Religious Affairs. Attendees of the ceremony, held in the honor of visiting Bahraini delegation, included  ministers, ambassadors, and around ten thousand teachers and students of the Holy Qur'an. During the event, AlOmari delivered a keynote speech, expressing his appreciations to the Republic of Bangladesh for the warm reception, and the Religious Affairs Directorate for the perfectly organized event.